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  • Parameters for Small Ruby Tips

    Good morning!

    I have a part where I need to measure the form using a scan. There is a small rad where I will need to approach the part at an angle, and the rad is about 0.060. My 1.5mm Ruby can't get the job done. So I have a 0.7mm styli and a 0.5mm. I sent the 0.7mm through calibration. Everything went fine, then next thing ya know, mid-scan, the thing just snaps right off and is nowhere to be found. Just the stem.

    So this has made me a bit nervous and i'm wondering if any of you guys adjust your Parameters in a way to compliment ruby balls with a diameter <0.7mm. As in specifically different than your usual parameter settings for Styli that have ruby ball diameters at >1.5mm. I really want to give this a try. Could make my life a lot easier with more data in that Rad.

    I've attached a pic of the model. One marking is the area I need to scan, and then a mark towards the rad.
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    PC-DMIS 2010 MR3
    B&S Global Advantage 7-10-7
    TesaStar - SP25
    Houston, TX

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    I have a .3mm ball on a .2mm carbide shank that I have to cal and run very slow on a extreme low force module.

    If I use even a std force module, the shank will snap.

    If I run faster than about .4mm/sec the shank deflects and/or snaps. This means I cal at the same speed. I think I run it at .31mm / sec, someone else on on-line seat at the moment.

    Is this what you are asking about?


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