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    I am trying to take a measurement from the apex of a constructed 100 degree cone tangent to a measured sphere. I'll attach an image to give an idea of what I'm tryin g to do. Can this be done in PC-DMIS? Capture 6-365.PNG

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    have you tried constructing the Gage diameter on the sphere tangent points? then report distance to the apex point. or is that not what your looking for?


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      measure a conical feature and a plane, you can offset plane to intersect cone and evaluate diameter at that location. do this on a conical feature that defines the size at a gage point to define size at a specified location.


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        I am trying to measure the "10.744" dimension in the picture above. The blue lines are constructed and are not measurable features.



        • UKCMM
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          If you have already constructed the cone then to get the vertex point construct a circle from the cone with a zero diameter this will give the vertex point position.

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        It is not clear what the problem is, is it the construction of the feature or the dimensioning.


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          I would recommend doing this using several 2D evaluations. You can take a line on each side of your cone and then click Insert> Feature> Constructed> Circle. From the dropdown select "Tangent 2 Lines". Key in your gage ball diameter and dimension the circle to the cone vertex, add radius. I would also recommend doing this at a minimum in both X and Y workplanes


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            You can do it by a little trig, from the sphere center (If the cone is aligned on the sphere center, it's a 2D problem between a line and a circle).
            So the line is at 50° (half angle), so the radial line is at 50°.
            The contact point between the line and the circle is Rcos 50 on X and R sin 50 on Z.
            Then the cone vertex is (5cos50)*tan(40) + 5sin 50 on Z from the sphere center.
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            • jimmcw
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              This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

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            ASSIGN/V1=5*(COS(DEG2RAD(50))*TAN(DEG2RAD(40))+SIN(DEG2RA D(50)))
            Then create a generic point with V2.X,V2.Y and V2.Z


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