calibrating HR-X1-3P

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  • calibrating HR-X1-3P

    My company just ordered some new slots for our HR-X1-3P probe changer. The instructions say that you need the special calibration tool, which is long since gone. is there any way I can load in the new slots but use a different probe for the calibration?

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    I believe you can use a 5 by 20mm stylus, and get very close, at least. Then you can edit the slots locations if necessary to tweak it, likely only for the Z location if anything.


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      I'm using a HR-X changer with HR-X1-P-SF ports. To calibrate I use my master probe and take hits where the program says to. The only thing I had to do was adjust the Z down to slide into port . Just go slow and adjust your Z till it goes in correctly. This is how a Hexagon tech. told me how to do it. Hope this helps.
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