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  • Clearplane ignored


    I've got this issue involving a clearplane and how it's being ignored by PC-Dmis when I run the program...

    I mostly program from CAD model, and add comments before certain critical points like before I move the probe to the other side of the part. When I've tested the program and seen that it doesn't crash I remove the comment and it still works fine. But not in my most recent program...


    It did not move up to ZPLUS, 236. I added the comment again and then it moved up to ZPLUS, 236.

    Why is the clearplane ignored without the comment? Has anyone else had this issue? How did you get around it? Will I have to switch to using movepoints instead?

    (sorry about the swedish in the picture )

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    A MOVE/POINT command moves the CMM. A MOVE/CLEARPLANE command does not. Its not logical at all.

    Per the help file: "A MOVE/CLEARPLANE command does not in itself create motion to move the probe to the clearance plane. Rather, when PC-DMIS encounters a MOVE/CLEARPLANE command during execution, that command essentially gives permission to move to the predefined clearance plane on the next move, measure, tip selection, or auto feature command. When one of those motion commands is about to be executed, the probe moves to the specified distance away from the selected active plane."


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      So the comment also works as one of those motion commands, which the clearance plane needs to be followed by. And evaluations. I didn't know that but it makes sense.



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        If you redefine the clearplane, you need to have a command in between the CLEARP/ and the first MOVE/CLEARPLANE commands. You can have a feature in between or you can do something like MOVE/INCREMENT(0,0,0). If the CLEARP/ and the first MOVE/CLEARPLANE command following it are touching, it will usually ignore ONLY that first MOVE/CLEARPLANE command and the rest following it will work as expected.


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          Why would you put a comment before a clearplane move?
          Why not then near the end of the program add a comment that: 'the program is going to dimension a feature'. ??
          The MOVE/CLEARPLANE command usually works fine. USUALLY.
          Remember... ACTIVE PLN good.... PASS THROUGH PLN...not so good unless you're a Clearplane Cap'n!
          In other words, let the pass through plane left at zero unless you really got a good hand of what it's going to do.
          LÔÔks like you made ACTIVE and PASS THRU 236. Hmmmmm.


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            Pernilla, min vän


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