PC-Dmis 2020 R1 Point Info Display

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  • PC-Dmis 2020 R1 Point Info Display

    Does anbody know how to change the display of the brackets in the Graphic Display Window in PC-Dmis 2020 R1. See below, diference between 2011 and 2020 PC-Dmis. In the 2019 R2 it is the same as in 2011. It changed in 2020 version. The problem is the spacing between numbers and lines. Does anyone know how to change it?


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    Yes but I can’t remember the registry setting. A wrong internal default was set. Contact Doug at tech support for the setting to change. Or try to find it via the SettingsEditor. It’s under Options and has a default of -999. Change the value to 0.


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      Thank you for you help, it worked. It is the setting TextBoxPaddingFactorInPercent. It needs to be changed from -999 to 0 as said in the upper post. If someone else needs it.


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