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  • L Shaped Probe as Master Probe

    I would like your opinions.

    I have a 454 with an indexing head and 6 port probe rack. I moved it to an new area where it will check a part family. I can lean out the system by removing all probes and even the probe rack and just use a L shaped probe with different B angles for all the parts.

    So my A0B0 wont be a short stubby probe straight down but a 3X40 in the Y minus direction. Is that acceptable for calibrating the probe and its angles?

    If I need to have a master probe in A0B0 straight down, I could just stick one in the computer cabinet, run a calibration program, having them manually switch probes, and be done with it. Or worse case scenario put the probe rack back on it.

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    That shouldn't cause any problems. I don't even have a master probe, or a probe rack (we have to tear down/rebuild different tips on a near-daily basis because we don't have enough modules). Using a master probe is beneficial in that it keeps all of your probes related to each other, and simplifies the calibration. As long as all of the angles used in a program are calibrated before that program is ran, you won't have any issues.


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      No problem at all, all a master probe does is set the relationship up between probe angles. Any probe can be a master. Just make sure that you do some testing and use parameters for qualification that yield the lowest possible STDDEV.
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        I would retain the short "master".

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