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  • Error 175

    I have a Sheffield Discovery 2 with a UMP360 control on it, the computer took a crap and I had to replace it with a windows 10 box. I then had to install 2018 on it from 4.3. Now when I start it up it appears to home out but it doesn't say "done initializing" and there are no readings on the scales. It then kicks the servo motors out and is locked up. Error 175 is a Z axis bias error I am told but I find it hard to believe that it doesn't have to do with the computer or software change. Any ideas?

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    There's a small magnet near the scale at the end of travel position - did this get moved? That will definitely cause this issue.

    That error isn't PC related.


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      You are correct it just wasn't making it home I cleaned everything and adjusted the counter balance and it is now working.


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