drawing TP issue?

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  • drawing TP issue?

    You ever seen a cylinder type of part drawing where calls a hole position with two datums, one datum is A (X direction) from the edge but the other datum B is the actual inside diameter of the cylinder meaning that you can place that hole really anywhere in Y direction around the cylinder since there is no rotation constraints.
    In this case can i use the hole diameter deviation as datum B? PLease let me know if you don't understand what im saying so i can draw something. Thanks.

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    I would draw something.


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      We are a visual people. A sketch or a snapshot on the print (if possible/allowed) would be very helpful.
      Remembering my beautiful wife Taz who's life was lost on 6-13-2020. I love you and I miss you.


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        If you only have 1 hole its not an issue... Its just on the center line of the cylinder. When you start adding more feautres of if there are features in the base that changes things. Without a print I dont know how much help we can be.


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