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  • Easy Surface Profiling Question

    The CMM I have been using doesn't have scanning capabilities. I was wondering what the best way to get a surface profile of unique surfaces.

    I have just been taking a bunch of "random" points across the surface and relating them to the datums which have been fine. I was wondering if there is a better or more accurate way to do it without scanning.

    ps- very new at this

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    Put a whole bunch of points on your geometry at the same Z height & construct the points together into a feature set. Then tolerance the surface profile of the feature set. Make sure you’re using correct alignments and workplanes during the creation as well as reporting. You can also go to “insert/report command/analysis” and add a picture of your profile scan to your inspection report. I don’t have scanning either and this is how I do it.


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      You can also create a scan, without a scanning head. It will just take hits, depends on the density that you set.
      If you have a CAD, the vectors will be read on it, so you don't have to set them.


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        Thanks, guys I will use the info


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          Depending on the part you could Copy/Paste with Pattern. Then create a set and tolerance that. Its very barbaric but works.
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