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  • chamfer angles reading off

    Have multiple 45d chamfers with .050" face and a +/- .5 degree tolerance. The probing of the chamfer line is fine; the vectors are consistent--not hitting on the transition, and the form is good.
    Yet some of the chamfers show at say 45.75 degrees while the mold shows more like 45.5 degrees. Consistently reads approx. .25 degrees high. I've tried using 1/2 cone angle, line to cylinder, line to top plane and get the same just out-of-tolerance results. Any alternate probing strategies I'm missing?
    Thank you.
    Paul Schuyler

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    You can try this :


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      What's the form deviation of the cone?


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        You're saying the mold checks 45.5 but the parts coming out of the mold check 45.75? There is always movement of molded parts. If the part continually show 0.25 degrees more than the mold shows, then you need to change the mold to 0.25 degrees under nominal angle.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          the form deviation of the cone is withing a couple of tenths. I'd simply believe the angle was out of tolerance, but the mold tells me otherwise.


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            Paul Schuyler

            I'd look at the following:

            1) Is the machine calibrated? (no)

            2) Is the machine using a probe that would yield a high amount of STDDEV (4" long probe at funky compound angles, yes.)

            3) Are you probing a very small (amount of surface area without doing any alignment localization to get yourself closer to the geometry you're trying to measure?? (I believe yes)
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