Need Help Rehosting Offline Seat

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  • Need Help Rehosting Offline Seat

    My laptop has a virus and I need to move my offline seat to another laptop. I don’t have a current SMA. Due to the virus, I have been forbidden to connect to the internet and our network.

    anyway is have another laptop that has never had PC-DMIS on it and I’m having trouble moving my license.

    i opened the clm on my virus laptop and began the offline transfer method. I emailed the file to hex and got the other file back but it’s not working.

    Anyone experience this before?

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    What is the error that you are receiving through CLM?


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      I want to take a step back and put my license back on my original laptop. Right now i'm trying to rehost but it the clm says the operation is not permitted for disabled fullfillments.


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        I submitted a ticket even though I didn’t have a active SMA. Customer relations emailed me and said the can just reset my ID instead of me trying to remove it offline.

        Everything is good now.


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