autoplane using "TTP_PLANE_CIRCLE" method__can't reduce density

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  • autoplane using "TTP_PLANE_CIRCLE" method__can't reduce density

    Problem Solved-->

    On my seat of PC DMIS, I can only edit the density value when i am first creating the autofeature. If I create the autofeature, click OK, and then want to F9 back into that feature to edit the density, PC DMIS will let me type a value into the density box but when I hit OK and then F9 back into the feature to see that it stuck, it does not in fact stick and I'll have the number from when I first made the feature in there. Kind of annoying but at least I know how to work with it now. I would consider this a glitch.

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    Original Post-->

    2020 R1..

    Just started using the "TTP_PLANE_CIRCLE" method to make autoplanes in a circular shape. I put in my start & end angles, specify direction, size of plane, and number of points... all works fine except I can't lower the point density below "0.5". So, when i go to "animate path" and do "collision detection", PC DMIS is calculating all of those hits I don't care about and as a result is drastically slowing down "animate path" and "collision detection".

    Is there a way to lower the density? Or a better way I should be making planes?

    All I really want is the most effective way (that won't slow me down) to make planes that start and end at odd angles (WITHOUT PATTERNING POINTS).
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    I don't have 2020 here, but what about setting the number of hits in the circle window, and select something like "standard" in execution mode ?


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