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  • Missing Probe tip data

    I am new to PC-DMIS and was attempting to build a new probe with the probe builder utility. After I finished with the probe utility box I noticed that the all of the tip data for one of my probes is missing. Is there an easy way to retrieve this or do I need to start from scratch? The probe results file for the probe is still there if that makes a difference. Also any ideas what I did to delete the data?


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    Capture Probe 3.PNG


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      Corrupted probe file. Not too common for me but common enough. Delete the probe file and rebuild it.
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        I would not use the number sign (pound sign, hash tag, #) for a probe name.

        First, you see where it says Tip #1? A star will have up to 5 tips. Using a #3 for a probe name is going to get confusing for you.

        Second, in pcDmis, stick to letters and the underscore ( _ ) at all times, numbers are ok, but have letters with them. Rack_3 or Tree3, something like that. Cir5 or Cir5_5, not Cir 5.5 or Cir#5.

        Beyond that, open a program that uses the probe. Open the probe dialog (your picture, CTRL + ALT + P), and then click the button "Mark Used"

        All your head angles will return, that are used in that program anyway.


        • jimmcw
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          I've inherited a lot of programs that use any of 6 probes on this machine all named "#n". If I rename these probes will I have to go into every program and change the probe it calls for or will the programs follow?

        • Caemgen
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          As far as I know, you can't rename the probes, when you put in a new name, it makes a new file and you have rebuild.

          Maybe you can just rename the probe file on the hard drive, I've never tried.

          Beyond that, the programs will have to be changed.

          If it is working, go with it, I guess. Maybe when you make new ones do something else.

          Here all our names describe the probe: 2X40, 1X20, etc (2mm ruby with 40mm length, 1mm ruby 20mm long). That way the operators know what the probe is without having to open any dialogues. The less they have to do, the less they can screw up

        • A-machine-insp
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          You can make the probe with the new name then when you open another program that has the old probe name in it, replace it then. You can also delete the old probe file so when you open a program that has the old probe name, the program will give you a warning "Probe file not loaded" or something to that extent.

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        Thanks for the help. I was able to restore the probe file and it seams to be working now (knock on wood). I will probably leave the probe names and programs the way they are for now as long as things are running OK. If I have a lot of downtime some day maybe I'll change everything then.


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