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  • HP-S-X1H Taking Points

    Did a quick search and not much comes up.

    We have a Global S Chrome 9.12.8 with a HP-S-X1H and have been having issues with it taking points. It comes in to take the point and touches the part, comes off like normal but never registers a point. I keeps traveling out and eventually errors out. It has no correlation of first point after probe change or angle change either. We use the “Probe Enable” button to reset the balance and it will usually work after that. Problem is, this has been happening more lately.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong? I’m not aware of any significant crashes.


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    This may not be the problem but are you just taking single point hits? If so do you have fastprobemode on? (we have had a ton of problems with our chrome to the point we've had the entire head replaced...where in quality we believe we got a lemon)
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    • louisd
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      Ours is also a lemon, literally. Accel parameter is restricted to 500 (instead of 3000) because we were sold the global s chrome with fabreeka system on it. the springs in the drivetrain of the chrome counteracts with the vibration isolation system and make the dwell time for the machine to read a stable value on the linear scales over 9 seconds.

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    Double check your optional probe settings and have an optional probe command before the 1st load probe command in each program.


    • Peter Fuller
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      This is the most likely culprit besides a bad head. Force settings in option probe are incorrect and max force is being reached before trigger force.

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    We also have a 9-12-08 global chrome. we had a similar problem and disconnected the cables at the NJB cleaned everything put it back together and everything worked fine. Hope this helps.
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      you need a firmware upgrade if you haven't received one yet. contact hexagon. otherwise, yes your opt probe settings seem to be the next highest culprit. I'll share my settings when i get a moment (not today).


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        Settings were never changed. Firmware was also not the culprit. The issue was the HP-S-X1H. We just didn't want to gamble on the price if it didn't fix it.


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