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    How do i get the help to function within pcdmis on 2020R1..... I have uninstalled, reinstalled and installed the seperate help file and nothing with open the help.
    Pressing F1 results in this. Win 10 machine.

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    Do you have internet access? If so, I assume you are saying that both the "online" help and offline help are not working for you?


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      About 10+ years ago there was an issue with a windows update causing the help file to crash, I think it was due to msapi.dll.

      I'm NOT saying this is the issue, just these things happen. Did it used to work? Did it start happening after an update?


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        IF your problem is Help OFFLINE
        Installing recent release OFFLINE help is a bit quirky. Sometimes it works during Demon install.... sometimes it craps out and your HELP OFFLINE when running Demon is greyed out..
        I found that if your OFFline help is NOT there.... go to this path after you install the Demon:

        C:\PC-DMIS 2020 R1\Install

        There's a Pcdmis_xx_Help.exe there in the folder. Try this and execute it.
        Good luck if that is your issue...... .

        now that I think of it.... forget the help files. Just ask really smart folks here on the forum for questions/issues! I do.
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          MrMatt68, have you tried to update to the recent SP3? That might fix the issue you're having. There was this bug in the offline help that was fixed in SP3: "PCD-164073 - Fixed an issue where the offline Help didn't work even when the offline help was installed and the Use Offline Help option was selected."

          Hopefully, the update to SP3 fixes it for you, but if not, you could try this workaround: Navigate to where you installed the help, open up the "helpcenter" folder and double-click on Index.htm to open the help manually in your default browser. That's not ideal, but it would allow you to at least manually access the offline Help.
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            I Should have said that i figure this out. Was a simple setting that was easily overlooked and not enabled by default. Under the Help menu make sure there is a check beside the use offline help. We do have internet access but apparently our IT blocks the online help section so nothing was popping up and I didn't realize that was an option or a setting within the help menu.


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              Tell your IT guy or gal, or apparently nowadays, a him-her type of hermaphrodite, That they can still be the power hunger mongoloid, that they are, but they can simply allow that site to be added to the non restricted site, It takes no more than 10 seconds for them to add that, Not that Hexagon is quick on updating stuff, but I would think the online version of Help would be more updated then your offline help.
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