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    I have a problem I need a solution for. One of our customers wants us to have the report include the CAD with the surfaces checked by a profile highlighted. EX: Graphic showing all surfaces checked by SCN1 highlighted in the graphic above SCN1 profile and so on and so forth.

    I tried changing the color of the surface for SCN1 then using the screenshot tool and inserting the screenshot above SCN1 profile. Then I did the same for SCN2 but changing the CAD color for that surface then changing the color for all the CAD back to the original color. Initially it worked. The issue I had is when I re executed the code, it changed the colors to the way the model is currently in the graphics window (all one color).

    Anyone know a way to get what I need??? Is it possible to import media and have it displayed on the report?
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    take this as ONLY a suggestion.....

    IF find nominals on execute is marked in the F5 section, the surface that is being 'found' turns to your highlight color. Don't know if your screen capture during execution will capture this highlight.
    (BTW, I only use find noms on execute in offline mode).
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      I will try it. I have a backup copy of the program saved so I'll try executing it offline and see what happens.

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    You might be able to do this with an assembly. I would try creating an assembly in SolidWorks (hopefully you or someone you know has access to a CAD software) with the same part in the same place multiple times. You can color each model differently in PC-DMIS or Solidworks and recall/hide the appropriate model.

    NOTE: You might need to rename each part file before you put it into the assembly! I have noticed that when I have an assembly with 2 of the same parts and I change one surface, it will apply the color on both instances. I think having different file names for each part will prevent this, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

    Also, the other potential downside is this can increase your CAD file size quite a bit...


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      Screen capture on report: Create a comment command, select 'display full screen' also 'display on report' and import your media. It will be the same static view every time, but isn't that what we expect the machine to do? If the deviations are the required view, insert analysis view command for all your deviation arrows. (You can isolate the images to a single page together using formfeed commands above and below your comments/analysis views. HTH


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        I will look into that. Thanks.

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      You can also create a custom report and insert the CAD which if you double click on it becomes a live movable view, so if you had it colored to show which surfaces were being reported then add labels. there are tons of options in the custom report, i'm sure you could put an awesome report together. go to FILE/ REPORTING/NEW/CUSTOM REPORT to start


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        Try to use the Feature Appearance functionality. With this functionality you can specifically assign a color to each of the scans that are available in the measurement routine. The same can be captured in the snapshot.

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