Help on using "On Error" command for correct part loaded

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  • Help on using "On Error" command for correct part loaded

    Need some help. Was asked today if we could use the CMM to make sure only the correct part is loaded on the fixture when the operators are checking parts. I basically have multiple fixtures on the CMM, what we are wanting to do is make sure that, for example, when they are running a Cylinder Barrel on one fixture, that a part is not on the Crankshaft fixture. I know that i can do this at the beginning of the program using the on error. Where i am lost is what i do if the the probe makes contact with a part where the on error feature is? How can i put it in the program to stop the program if it does come in contact with the point?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are a lot of threads on this forum for this subject, if you do a search.

    Check out the pdf on Post #3 of this thread. It should get you started!


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