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    Hello all,

    I recently updated to 2019 R2 and have a quirk in offline mode when I am programming. This is not a true offline seat either just for a little more info. When I take a point the probe is dug into the model because it is reading the prehit/retract values from the center of the ball instead of the outside. Now if I execute the program offline everything looks good and the path lines are good also. I only see it when programming an autofeature. Can anybody help me with this? This wasn't an issue with R1 for me. I have a picture in the attached showing how the probe was left after creating the feature with the pathline.
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    my graphic display does that during execution of programs I wrote offline. It seems to have no effect on movements or measured results, just the appearance in the graphic display window when I take the program online... that said I run 2013mr1 and animation is sketchy at best... it looks ridiculous with a larger disc probe


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      The actual values for the " hit" are BALL CENTER. I can see how this visually is weird but I would just trust the DEMON on this one !!


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        This is a graphic glitch in 2019 ON SOME COMPUTERS. Mine was one of them, I never received clarification on what the issue was exactly.

        When I got 2020, issue went away (using the same PC). I know how you feel, it drove me nuts. I do a lot of programming that requires me to get into tight areas.

        If you get 2020 or go back to 2018 you should be good. That was my experience anyway.
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        • DAN_M
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          No problem.

          One thing I could recommend..while you're programming set your prehit AND retract to 0.0001". That will give you a much better visual representation of where your probe is. Obv don't forget to fix it when you're all done.
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        • sealevel
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          With Demon? The OFFline is the cat's pajamas. Calypso? You gotta calibrate your offline stylii (absurd) and Zeiss planner is the trunk where Demon offline is a V8 under the hood. I'll let the dudes in the other forums kick me in the groin, but Demon sims offline programs better.... period.

        • A-machine-insp
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          sealevel I agree. I never program online, always offline. It's easier for me and I can free up a CMM until I am actually ready to run.

          Side note, it was funny tagging you in this. I read it as "at sea level I agree with you". At altitude I may not agree... Not my best joke but it's Saturday and I'm only here for 6 hours.

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        Sounds good. I'll give that a shot. Also I went ahead and upgraded to 2020 R1 and works like a champ again!


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