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  • TR_FG014 Wrist Error

    I have been getting an error on my CMM when it changes probe angles. It is the TR_FG014 Wrist Error. I have been looking through the forum and have found some similar problems but not the same.

    It is a PH9A Renishaw probe.

    The problem has been getting gradually worse so I don't think it was from a crash. When it started getting the error it would just happen a couple of times a day, I would just do a machine start and it would keep going no problem. Now it is having the error every time I change the probe angle.

    It is communicating with the machine because I am able to move it around and it tries to reposition the probe angle 2 times before getting the error.

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      Ok, I can no longer get into my program to change the speed (because it errors out and you can't do anything without clearing the errors) you think I will need to buy a whole new probe unit?


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        reboot the entire system again may clear the errors, but i would definitely be on the phone with renishaw for more advice .
        some of there products they do an exchange (rebuilt unit ) at a lower cost . still expensive but cheaper than new !


        • Calvin.Korver
          Calvin.Korver commented
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          Thanks for the help. I will be in contact with them and with productivity (we purchased this used machine from them about 6 months ago) hopefully I remember to post on here how it ends up getting fixed.

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