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    Afternoon all.

    I'm having a few issues with the excel form report that was introduced in 2019

    Ive come to realise conditional formatting is a no go on the current excel form report so i have gone around this by doing if statements.

    One issue i cannot get passed though is the fact that profiles (that are reported in form and location) are reporting max values only in the spreadsheet although i have selected outtol to be selected only. Anyone else have this issue?


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    Anyone have any ideas. Quite possibly a bug within the program.?

    Top image being the profile in the report and below a snip from the outputted excel form report.



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      change lower limit from 1 to -1


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        Unable to do this as you are changing the tolerance band. +1 / -1 is not the same as upper +1.00 / lower +1.00

        I've just changed the profiles to xact measure and it works fine. It looks like this is bug in the software with legacy dimensions. (pcdmis2020)


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          Good Morning All,

          Newbie here so it is my first post here

          I have an issue with Excel Form Report and i have no idea what to do.
          I have a program written in 2018 R2 that have ~2000 dimensions reported.
          Then in 2019 Hexagon added Excel form report which is very handy for us.
          My management asked me to do 2 separate Excel reports and report some dimensions on one report(KPC, PTC, etc) and others on second report.
          So i made 2 Excel report commands on the and and in Data Tab i picked right dimensions for each report.
          Problem is every time i run program each report some random dimensions being added to each report that i don't need(software tick them in data tab on its own)

          Is there any way to "lock" each report command or anyone have rough idea what can cause it?



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