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    I have some custom scripts that I have been running for years in pc-dmis 2016. Management wants the machines running 2019. and im getting this weird server busy error in pc-dmis when it gets to pulling scripts. Anyone else seen anything like this? will post screen shot soon
    -riley Lawlor
    Southern California
    Aerospace CNC Machinery

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    While we contemplate possible causes and solutions, have you tried running PC-DMIS "As Administrator"?

    Another thought on this, since you likely have both of these versions installed on the same PC. Try this -

    Run PC-DMIS 2019 "As Administrator" and then exit
    Now run PC-DMIS 2019 as (normal) User and try the scripts again

    It is likely that it is confusing the 2016 engine with the 2019 engine and causing this issue. This could be the case if 2016 is the "default" version, and running 2019 "as Administrator" will establish 2019 as the default version.
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      What Don says. When switching versions run as admin once or specify the pcdmis version in the script but that would require a version specific script.


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