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  • 2020 r1 sp2

    Here :

    Release Notes - 2020 R1 SP2
    • PCD-164450 - Fixed an issue where the Auto Line projection to a sample feature (for example, a measured plane) failed even though the vectors were fine.
    • PCD-180502 - Fixed an issue where you were not able to select the text labels when you selected the Back face culling check box on the Lighting tab of the CAD and Graphic Setup dialog box.
    • PCD-183493 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you closed the measurement routine after the execution of a Laser calibration program.
    • PCD-184579 - Fixed a tessellation corner issue where spherical surfaces were inverted when you imported the SolidWorks model.
    • PCD-186461 - Fixed an issue where the CSV converter displayed an error message when you imported an EG (square slot) Laser feature.
    • PCD-186675 - Fixed an issue where the left-click on the GD&T callout doesn't create any features when you enabled the GD&T Selection Mode and Characteristic IDs.
    • PCD-186862 - Fixed an issue where the Defined scan option in Blade Scan dialog box was not working when CAD equals part was not performed and an external alignment was recalled.
    • PCD-187004 - Fixed an issue where the Tip angles for the Roughness sensor had an accuracy of 0.1 degrees instead of 0.02 degrees when you sent the angle values to the BMT firmware.
    • PCD-187875 - Fixed an issue where the template match code was used incorrectly in the Probe Offset Calibration and the Pixel Size Verification of the Vision sensor.
    • PCD-187925 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you opened the Auto Feature dialog box in a measurement routine that contained the Extended Sheet Metal (ESF) and then clicked on the CAD.
    • PCD-187973 - Fixed an issue where you were not able to close the Load Probe message when you pressed the RomerRDS RA8 arm button.
    • PCD-188006 - Fixed an issue where extra surface anomalies were visible for some probe models.
    • PCD-188128 - Added the ability to add the "RANGE_" prefix to the axis name in the statistics (.xml) file.
    • PCD-188448 - Fixed an issue where Q-DAS Configurator doesn't show nominal values of true position (X, Y, Z) in Q-DAS output files when the tolerances were turned off.
    • PCD-189207 - Fixed an issue where the DMIS Output file (.dmo) file was not proper when you imported the .dmi file.
    • PCD-189273 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you migrated your measurement routine to the previous version and selected any light settings.
    • PCD-189525 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS failed to move the CAD objects to a part when you clicked the Move To Part button in the CAD Assembly dialog box.
    • PCD-189577 - Added the ability to add the "RANGE_" prefix to the range of the Size dimension in Q-DAS Configurator so that the ID is not blank.
    • PCD-189631 - Fixed an issue where a invalid data message occurred for Laser Plane auto feature when you re-executed a measurement routine.
    • PCD-189691 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS was not able to output correct values of K8500 and K8501 for the size command in the Q-DAS output files.
    • PCD-189846 - Fixed an issue where the Pointcloud cross-section function used hidden CAD surfaces when you used the Analysis window.
    • PCD-189855 - Fixed an issue where Q-DAS Configurator doesn't show the correct number of digits after decimal for the K2022 value when Q-DAS Configurator reads characteristic from a measurement routine in inch units.
    • PCD-189889 - Fixed an issue where the Control string and unit fields were missed when Q-DAS Configurator generated the statistics.xml file for the UAME axis of the Size ASME command.
    • PCD-190049 - Fixed the resource file issue for the Italian language.
    • PCD-190213 - Fixed an issue where the Adaptive Scan strategies under the Measurement Strategies tab in the Auto Feature dialog box were shown in the Dutch language when you launch PC-DMIS the first time after installation.
    • PCD-190708 - Replaced the library function from irprops.cpl to bthprops.cpl that connects Roughness sensor with bluetooth.

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    JEFMAN Thx for the nfo

    The main issue for me? The COVID 19 related work-from-home-lic that Hexagon was nice to allow is that I cannot use any illumination for a Vision Sys.
    I think you know of all the fun we used to have to do.... renaming/shuffling .dlls (MSI, HSI, HSI_SLC, interfac...etc) to get everything happy.
    Not complaining about looking a gift horse in the mouth.... but ANY illumination just leaves me in the dark
    My OFFline hasp lic works great up to 10/31/19.. Only wish the 2020 freebie would allow more vision goodies......


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      Hi JEFMAN , we did some investigation and the free license is working correctly for vision. You may be missing a step in the configuration. After copying your desired HSI.dll, you need to open PC-Dmis and go into EDIT>MACHINE INTERFACE SETUP to configure the lighting type.
      Neil Challinor
      PC-DMIS Product Owner

      T: +44 870 446 2667 (Hexagon UK office)
      E: [email protected]


      • sealevel
        sealevel commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Neil.... I think it was ME who was having the Vision issue. And yes! It is working now.
        I completely forgot that I need to Edit | Mach Interfc Setup BEFORE opening a file. If trying while a prg is loaded, all the 'goods' are greyed out.
        Thx for reminding me!

      • Don Ruggieri
        Don Ruggieri commented
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        That was my fault, I gave Neil the wrong name. Glad its working for you now sealevel

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      THE GRAPHIC DISPLAY WINDOW IS UNCONTROLLABLE! The CAD Model constantly snaps to a low point below the bottom of the screen. I cant click on any surface to define my scan!!!


      • Cumofo
        Cumofo commented
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        The Axis Tetrahedron is constantly moving and bobbling around too.

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      With credit to rjurca and Jakep379 from https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc...raphics-window

      Check the option in "operation>Graphics display>Center Probe" and make sure it is turned off