PC-DMIS Part Program Without PC-DMIS?

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  • PC-DMIS Part Program Without PC-DMIS?

    Hey all, hopefully you are all doing well.

    I am getting more into the automation side of things and want to start using the PC-DMIS object library to create some useful apps. The problem is that, at least right now, I am swamped with work and have next to no time to get any such stuff done at work. I am not too familiar with how to get the results that I would like with the library and need to learn more about everything, but since time at work is very limited at the moment I need to try and do most of this at home. Basically, is there any way to have an "active part program" without PC-DMIS running on the computer? I have the required libraries at home so that I can access whatever classes and methods I need, but there is no way to test any code that I have written.

    I just want to clarify that I am not asking for any pirated software, but merely a way to take a program that I have written a work and transfer whatever data defines the active part program so that I can test anything I have written here at home.


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    You can’t run PC-DMIS programs without PC-DMIS running in the background.


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      You could install the free offline version we're currently offering in response to the lockdown restrictions that are in place around the world. It will be available until at least June but as Darrollh says, there is no way to execute a PC-Dmis routine without having PC-Dmis open.

      Neil Challinor
      PC-DMIS Product Owner

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        Ask your boss to buy you an offline seat so you can continue work at home?


        There are no bugs, only "UNDOCUMENTED ENHANCEMENTS!"



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          I've tried to remember this all of my years (though I am stubborn sometimes):
          Ecclesiastes 10:10 - "If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed."

          What you are trying to do is WORK! You just have to wrap your mind around that and figure out a way to convince your boss. I had to 'break' the rules and let some jobs sit, but, when your library of automation tools is done and cutting down on time and errors nobody will look at you funny when you sit at your desk all day writing code. Had to hop around a few companies too until I found folks who value above text. Now it's like an act of congress to get the opportunity to break away from the screen.

          Along with what someone has posted about a free license (which expires end of this month so hurry! edit: expires June 2020 thanks davehocum ) there's a free course that should get you started "VB.NET and PC-DMIS" or something along those lines. Best wishes!
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            Here is the info for the Work from home smarter with PC-DMIS software.
            Link: https://go.hexagonmi.com/Work-From-Home-Smarter-PC-DMIS

            Free PC-DMIS Offline software offer Helping businesses to work smarter

            Due to the extraordinary situation created by the COVID-19 virus, we want to help our fellow metrology professionals to remain as productive as possible at a time when so many may be required to work from home.
            Therefore, we are offering an opportunity to download and use PC-DMIS Offline licenses that can be used at home for creating measurement routines or analyzing data.
            This offer will be valid until end of June 2020 and should there be a need beyond that date we will extend it. We hope with this small gesture we can assist you with business continuity and to be as productive as possible through these difficult times.
            This offer is available to any metrology professional, no matter what metrology software you currently use. You can download a license to help you keep productive or to try a product you have never used before. There are no restrictions.
            We’ll be regularly publishing video blogs to help you get the most out of working with PC-DMIS Offline

            Additional free training available for all
            As face-to-face training will not be possible at this time, we will also be offering online training free of charge to help you continue your operations.
            Access to select online training courses will be free until end June 2020.

            This will not impact your current contract with us. Customers with existing SMAs will continue to be able to access technical support and remote access to our application engineers as usual.
            We wish all our customers and their families the best during these difficult events.
            To access the free software and online training, please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.


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