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  • Angle measurement

    I wrote a single program for multiple part #'s. Each part has a .250 hole at 30° increments. So one part the Ø is at 0° another is at 30°, 60°, 90°,120°,ect.... I only use one .250 Ø feature & assign the angle depending on which part # you choose from the input box. My issue is the angle measurement result will come up as 30° sometimes & & -150° sometimes. Or 60° sometimes & -120° sometimes. How do I get this to stop?
    - Using PCDMIS 2018

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    Have you tried adding +0 or *1 to the dimension nominal value?


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      Could it be an alignment issue? I agree with Mike Ruff. I use +0 on every nominal to be safe, but I still wouldn't think that multiple runs would give different angle values unless something is wrong with the code. (Alignment or workplane.)
      Can you post some code?


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        Control the NOMINAL value of the angle measurement with variables & IF statements that are tied to the operator's part number input question that you already have set up.

        If you post your code we can get a better look at what you're doing and then give you something that works for you.


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