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  • Nominals offset 3D model

    • I have a round part with X,Y in the center (same in 3D model) the part is aligned with ABC datums.
    • This part has a square connector that has to be measured in DEF datums.
    • Points for measurement are defined (x = -/+ 6mm, Y = -/+ 6mm) from the center (X1,Y1) of the square shape.
    • When I make points in PC-DMIS for square connector I have to calculate the nominals for all this points (X1 -/+ 6mm and Y1 -/+ 6mm). I do not want to do this, because I simplified my case. It is more complex then this.
    • The question is how to do it without recalculating. I just want PC-DMIS to take nominals from this line (command?, alignment?) forward from the square center (connector center) not from part center. the point is must be taken from 3D model (click on the surface).
    • Can it be done and how, or it is not possible?

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    WOuldnt you check the square and then create mid-lines from both lines in Y and the same in X , then an intersection point of those 2 lines ? That would be center of the feature ?


    • Schlag
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      You dont say what DEF datums are ?

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    No need to know where DEF datums are.

    I am asking if is there a way to once take nominals from CAD model from absolute coordinate system (center of the part - ABC datums) and once relative coordinate system (center of the square shape - DEF datums)?


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      What do you mean by take nominals ? Make a new alignment on datums DEF ( center of square ) and then create your features on HEX ? Really don't understand what your trying to do.


      • UKCMM
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        Glad I'm not the only one confused as to the problem.

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      If I have coordinate system in CAD model in center of the part (PART: 0,0) and center of the square shape is (SQ. SHAPE:10,10).
      I am taking point PNT1 from the CAD model in PC-DMIS.
      I want to measure - touch a point which is from the center of the square shape on coordinate (4,4), but from the center of the part the nominal is (14,14).
      I do not want PNT1 nominals to be (14,14) but I want them to be (4,4). How can I "switch" to be nominals (4,4) and then back for other points to be nominals from the center of the part.
      Sorry for my English...


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        All you need to do is create an alignment that offsets X and Y to the theoretical center, program one side of hits with the nominal (that are now correct), then copy/paste with pattern.


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          Create ABC alignment.

          Then insert Alignment (offset X=10, Y=10)

          Now program your points (Bear in mind these points are still nominally 'correct' from the ABC alignment).
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