Removing Vision and Laser Tabs in Offline Mode

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  • Removing Vision and Laser Tabs in Offline Mode

    Anyone know how to remove the bar with CAD, Vision and Laser? I'm only working in CAD and it's not a big deal when working from home, but my work monitor is much smaller than my at-home setup and the bar is eating up real estate.

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    If it's the bar under the graphic window, I would say you just have to rename the right interfac.dll in the install folder.
    Look at the size of INTERFACHELPER.dll, find the dll which have the same size, copy paste it, rename the interfac.dll as interfac.old, and rename the copy as interfac.dll.

    If it's in the tollbar section, right click on the tool bar ansd unselect all that you don't want.


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