iterative & best fit alignment

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  • skip fullon
    commented on 's reply
    thanks jeff
    But i don't have any idea how it works.
    We have a part with a complex surface (casting) and the tolerance is 0.005"
    I will post the blueprint later.

  • Schrocknroll
    The only reason for CAD is to pull the nominal X Y Z I J K values. As long as you know these, you can put them in the theoretical values of the features and best fit or iterative alignments will work just fine.

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  • skip fullon
    started a topic iterative & best fit alignment

    iterative & best fit alignment

    Hi folks,

    Im often use 3-2-1 alignment for all of our mesurement routine.
    My question is can i use iterative alignment & best fit alignment without using a cad?how does it work?TIA

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