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    I am using 2018 R1 with CAD++ currently offline and have the same issue when I am online as well. I have a part that has 5 ID counter bore features with a 30° lead in chamfer. 4 of these features are equally spaced every 90°, the fifth feature is in-between two of them and is a larger ID and chamfer. I created my fist counter bore using an adaptive cylinder spiral scan. Followed by 5 linear open scans equally spaced on the counterbore. I next copied and pasted those features 3 times for my features that are the same. When I try to create my linear scans for the 5th feature it will create the code but the ID name is blank. I am holding down the Shift and Ctrl key and drag the vector arrow to create my line element. If I try to highlight it and delete the feature. I get the message "Highlighted objects may not be cut!" I an only click undo to remover the feature I created. When I go to edit the feature I can clearly see that it has the scan ID name.

    My second question is this. I don't have a problem using the linear open scan for the ID cones, but when I try to measure an OD cone the probe will crash into the part when I try to run it. I will post some code tomorrow.

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    ....I get the message "Highlighted objects may not be cut!"
    When you get that, you missed a line of code to highlight before pulling the delete lever...
    For the other issue(s).... will wait on the code...


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      Originally posted by sealevel View Post

      "When you get that, you missed a line of code"

      That is what I initially thought. Please see screen shots
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      • sealevel
        sealevel commented
        Editing a comment
        can you put cursor in the scan, F9 it? unusual that there is no ID ?? if you F9 it you may get lucky and then be able to call it a temp name....

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      I didn't see it, but just in case...

      Is this in a group? Is there a scan in a collapsed group someplace?

      Otherwise, sometimes you can get lucky - switch over to summary mode and see if it shows up there.


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