Hole position as a pattern?

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  • Hole position as a pattern?

    Attached is the project that I was talking about ans instructions on how to use the macros
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    Could you share the actual feature control frames for the GD&T?
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      If the 2mm is on the top line and .5mm is the bottom line of FCF, your verbiage of hole location / pattern is backwards ? Please post the actual callout for clarity as Schrock asked.


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        top is individual holes, bottom is the pattern, but.... no datums?????
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          There needs to be 1 position symbol that is shared between top and bottom. GOOGLE COMPOSITE POSITION TOL. And what Matt said really make this an invalid callout.


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            You need some GD&T Training in a bad way. Im not sure this forum can teach GD&T from the ground up. This is one of the more common callouts you will see. I wrote a big long spiel and then deleted it.... You didn't GOOGLE and Read did you ?

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          Datums are required at a minimum for the upper part of the FCF, not required for the lower on a composite. As you describe it, the engineer is wanting to use composite, but did not draw it this way, as mentioned above by others. In composite tolerancing, for the upper segment, the datum reference frame created by the datums controls as many of the 6 degrees of freedom as it can and the features are measured according to this datum reference frame. For the lower segment, only the rotational degrees of freedom are constrained, and the locations are only controlled by dimensions that relate the features to themselves.


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