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  • 2019 r2 sp5

    During the shutdown, PC-DMIS evolve !


    Release Notes - 2019 R2
    • PCD-161301 - Fixed an issue where the z-axis was not included when you
    automatically inserted Location for a Laser circle.
    • PCD-164450 - Fixed an issue where Auto Line projection to sample feature
    (measured plane) failed when the vectors were fine.
    • PCD-171107 - Fixed an issue where you could not extract Extended
    Surface Point features when you marked the Remove outliers check box
    in the Laser Auto Feature dialog box.
    • PCD-179194 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS had displayed the Feature
    failed to execute dialog box from the On Error command in automation.
    • PCD-185751 - Fixed an issue where the extraction of a circle feature from
    a perfect cloud created on a 20mm circle always returned a bigger
    diameter value after you executed the measurement routine.
    • PCD-186862 - Fixed an issue where the Defined scan option in Blade Scan
    dialog box was not working when CAD equals part was not performed and
    external alignment was recalled.
    • PCD-187553 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS did not update a 2D distance
    or 2D angle dimension when you inserted the WORKPLANE command.
    • PCD-187875 - Fixed an issue where the template match code was used
    incorrectly in the Probe Offset Calibration and Pixel Size Verification of the
    Vision Sensor.
    • PCD-188086 - Fixed an issue where Q-DAS Configurator was not able to
    read datum features from the Legacy True Position dimension.
    • PCD-188128 - Added the ability to add the "RANGE_" prefix to the axis
    name in the statistics (.xml) file.
    • PCD-188408 - Fixed an issue where the .dfq file displayed a positive value
    instead of a negative value of K-field K2112 (Lower Allowance) for Legacy
    Profile form and Location Dimensions.
    • PCD-188448 - Fixed an issue where Q-DAS Configurator doesn't show
    nominal values of true position (X, Y, Z) in Q-DAS output files when the
    tolerances were turned off.
    • PCD-189207 - Fixed an issue where the DMIS Output file (.dmo) file was
    not proper when you imported the .dmi file.
    • PCD-189273 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you migrated
    your measurement routine to the previous version and selected any light
    • PCD-189327 - Fixed an issue where the Polish language used comma
    instead of decimal point when Q-DAS Configurator created the
    QdasData.xml file.
    • PCD-189631 - Fixed an issue where a invalid data message occurred for
    Laser Plane auto feature when you re-executed a measurement routine.
    • PCD-189691 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS was not able to output
    correct values of K8500 and K8501 for the size command in the Q-DAS
    output files.
    • PCD-189855 - Fixed an issue where Q-DAS Configurator doesn't show the
    correct number of digits after decimal for the K2022 value when Q-DAS
    Configurator reads characteristic from a measurement routine in inch