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    I'm new to PCDMIS and kind of learning on the fly. Recently, when creating a program, in the edit window the program steps repeat. Causes a lot of confusion and sometimes, the program actually runs multiple times. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What you have highlighted should be at the beginning of your program. Simply cut and paste it at the beginning. Here’s some advice, use summary mode so that you can see the actual code. You can learn a lot more and faster by actually seeing it. That’s how I learned.


    • Scott Reiff
      Scott Reiff commented
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      What I have highlighted is actually at the beginning of the program. The program summary is being displayed twice. It never used to do that.
      Thanks for the advice on the code. I'll give it a shot to see where my capabilities are as far as learning this. I didn't have any formal training, so I'm just picking things up as I go.

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    I'm with Darrollh. I use summary mode 99.9999% of the time. Only time I use preview mode is when I want to rearrange the program.

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    • Kp61dude!
      Kp61dude! commented
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      I use it for the very same reason!!!

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    I don't use summary or preview, I always have command mode showing, full code for me!
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      What Matt says.


      There are no bugs, only "UNDOCUMENTED ENHANCEMENTS!"



      • JEFMAN
        JEFMAN commented
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        Hi dph51 ! what about retirement ? And Pc-dmis from home ?
        Stay safe !

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      live by the code !


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        The only time when I use summary mode is the moment when the display of code in the edit window duplicate or hide some lines (I don't know why the demon does it !).
        Then, I select summary, and re-select code...
        Changing a value in summary needs clicking on the feature, then on theo,then on the value, change...
        Doing it in the edit window (code) is very simple...


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          The irony is that summary mode could be helpful for beginners because it's simpler to look at, but that keeps them from learning the code at the same time.
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            Originally posted by Schrocknroll View Post
            The irony is that summary mode could be helpful for beginners because it's simpler to look at, but that keeps them from learning the code at the same time.
            I looked at summary first for the first month or two, I came from CMM Manager and felt at home. Old man who mentored me said what folks are saying here... slow down and read the code man, slow is smooth, smooth is FAST! Now I write software on my spare time to avoid the use of the mouse at all.
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              Edit Mode = +1. As Pink Floyd says "Any Colour You Like"
              Summary Mode = not so much..... but Quality Managers n' USA Today subscibers seem to like......


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