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    I'm using the latest version 2020 R1 - When I change the edit window to summary mode the small expandable square icon that is usually to the left of all the feature's and dimensions is missing, so i cant expand each feature to see the meas, max, min values etc...

    Is there a setting to turn it back on? TIA
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    3.7mr3CAD++ / 2011mr1CAD++/2012mr1CAD++/QUINDOS7

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    It sounds like you might have the (newer) Preview Summary Mode enabled. This is a separate toggle in the edit window toolbar. You can disable it permanently in the S/E with the EnableWPFSummaryView setting.
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      Thanks for the reply! I tried both - Summary Mode and the newer Summary Mode but the small expandable icon doesn't appear in either.

      What I'm trying to do is drag data onto a custom report template. In the older versions I used the icon to expand the info from each dimension, then I could drag the meas, Max, min, OOT etc into the report, but in this version it doesn't appear to be there.

      Did they program a setting to switch that feature on / off?

      3.7mr3CAD++ / 2011mr1CAD++/2012mr1CAD++/QUINDOS7


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        Bump. Still missing the little plus sign next to each command. This was mentioned a couple times in the announcement thread New Summary Mode. Is there a setting somewhere that turns this back on?


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          No. You have to either F9 on the command to open the dialog or go to command mode to edit.


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            The process that Liambo734 is referring to is Dragging and Dropping Information into a Custom Report. The process was to drag features and other items from the Edit window in Summary mode into the Custom Report Editor. The process was by expanding these objects to view their groups and data items by clicking the plus sign (+) to the left of the command. Then drag features and other items into the Custom Report Editor.
            From what I am finding is that this is no longer available to drag and drop the expandable data items.


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              Are you referring to the little icons below? Those were removed in a recent version and replaced with the peak window. The developers made the decision to switch to have users take advantage of the F9 option to edit features.

              summary mode edit buttons.PNG


              • davehocum
                davehocum commented
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                Correct. The advantage was the ability to double left mouse click the selection to edit.

              • CubsFan34
                CubsFan34 commented
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                I very much dislike that this was removed.

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