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    Hi I am writing a first Article Inspection report and have been asked to use the Grid reference on the drawing in my cmm report. Does anyone know of a way that I can do this without having to type in each grid ref for each individual dimension. I am using 2019 any help would be much appreciated as i have done 1 FAIR and i have 10 more to do on different parts and it is killing me quicker than corona virus.

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    There are many ways to figure out where on a drawing a dimension is coming from and then automate the transfer of that data between various software to PC DMIS..but I can't think of a way to do this that would be easier than just typing the data in the first place. Sorry =/


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      You would most likely have to buy a bit of commercial software which can read in the drawing call-outs, tie that up with the dimensions in your report, and apply a grid ref, (if such a thing exists).

      Whilst it is a pain, people do FAIRs all the time. You just need to find a method that works for you. It will quickly become part of the job (admittedly not a fun part) but it is kind of necessary.

      Typically people balloon up or number the drawing, then use those numbers in the report.

      If you start with the top left view on sheet one and number up each dimension, then do the same for the next view, and the next. Then the next sheet and so on. You can then use those numbers for your dimension ID's or in Report Comments above the dimensions.

      If you number the dimension ID's you don't have to program in balloon order as you could export the results to excel and sort them numerically.

      I've just developed a tool for a customer which allows them to take two programs for the same part (one production, one independent) and export the data in balloon number order (it has to strip the balloon number(s) from report comments) and write it to a correlation & repeatability spreadsheet. This is because it was taking them hours to transfer the data from report to spreadsheet in the right order.

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        Discus can do this but there is a bit of set up and you have to have the CMM plugin for Discus and as long as you label your dimension ID the bubble number in Discus then it works pretty well. but if you are going to be making alot of FAIR you should have Discus any ways


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          The below software can do this.

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            I recently started adding zones to my CMM output as balloon/bubbles weren't enough... I use this post #16 modified to add zones.
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              Hi thanks for all your ideas. I did think about the balloon id on the drawings but on some drawings there are a lot of dimensions from 1 feature and this would look messy.I will look into the other ideas when I have time.
              again thanks for all your help and ideas and stay safe in this difficult time.


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