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    Anyone use a carbide probe tip for the styli

    PC-DMIS 2010 MR3
    B&S Global Advantage 7-10-7
    TesaStar - SP25
    Houston, TX

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    Carbide shanks yes, carbide tips on a CMM, no never. Where are you finding them, are they intended for CMM use or for test indicators and contracers maybe? Carbide tips are more common on other machines/instruments in general


    • pguillory
      pguillory commented
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      Sorry, I meant the shank. haha, But thanks!

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    Carbide shanks are common especially among smaller tips, but stainless steel is cheaper so I use them where I can. Carbide is heavier but stiffer so for longer shanks I want it but shorter stuff like for example I use 2x10mm tips and stainless steel shank that short is rigid enough to calibrate well for me... carbide seems pointless on these.


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      Silicone Nitride tips with carbide shanks here.

      EDIT: I buy from our local manufacturer Q-PLUS they'll also make whatever probe you can think up.
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      PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
      Global 7-10-7 DC800S


      • pguillory
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        Nice! I'll look into this. Carbide shanks seem like they would yield better results and longer life right?

      • Kp61dude!
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        crashing them is what normally kills them... and the only thing you can really do to avoid that is not crash. As far as the tip, it should be fine in Ruby unless you scan a'll start to see flat spots on the ball. That's the main reason I switched to Silicone Nitride.

      • pguillory
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        Ahh. gotcha. I'll definitely look into Silicon Nitride because I do scan a lot. It's Turbine Blades

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      Carbide shafts, Ruby styli all the way.
      15 machines in production setting with different configurations on most of them. At least when they crash they break the shank rather than bend it!
      Except for the 1x30mm Renishaw stylus,(with a short stainless shaft) I use ITP styli (which is owned by Renishaw) with carbide shafts.


      • pguillory
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        I like this! I definitely need to find a small ball with long shank combo. Around 1-1.5mm ball with a 30-40mm shank? You've had better use with Carbide?

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