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  • Frequently Asked Questions - PC-DMIS Code From Home Promotion

    FAQ for PC-DMIS CodeFromHome Promotion

    Q How can I take advantage of this free offline “CodeFromHome” initiative?

    A You can download and install PC-DMIS 2020 R1 by following the instructions. When the installation starts, you will be presented a licensing screen that looks like this image below. To enable the LMS Server License option, click the circle shown in the red box below, and enter the "" text (without the “ “) into the License Server field.



    Q When I start the installation, at the bottom right, in red, it says “No Valid License Found”

    A When you start the install, until it "loads" the LMS Server license, there will be a message at the bottom of the license dialog indicating that a license is not found. That is because at that point there is no local license found. It has not yet contacted the server to validate this promotional license. Just press the NEXT button to proceed, don't let this license error mis-lead you.


    Q We are having trouble activating the free offline license.

    A Double check to make sure that the ‘LMS LICENSE SERVER’ option is enabled, near the bottom of the dialog. Also, verify the exact character sequence for the license string is

    Note that there is no dash in the pcdmis name
    Don’t forget the @ sign at the start
    Make sure the entire string is exactly as it appears above.

    Q We received the error ”Could not communicate with the license server”

    A If you get this message during the installation, it might be due to heavy traffic on the server. Try again.

    A If you get this message while using the application, it could well be a bandwidth issue on your own home Internet Service Provider. As before, try again alter.

    Q I get a message about Admin Rights.

    A The software MUST be installed with Administrator rights. Locate the folder where the installer downloaded to, Right click on the installer (EXE) file, and choose the Run As Administrator option from the pop-up menu. It should look like this


    Even after the software is installed, the first time it is run also needs to be “Run As Administrator”. This is necessary to properly set some registry parameters. In order to accomplish this (only the first time), locate it in the start menu, right click on it, and again select “Run As Administrator”


    Q I'm wondering how many devices I can apply with this offline license for?

    A There is no specific limit to how many computers you can install and operate the software onto. Instead, there is a total limit as to how many can be used simultaneously. You could have it installed on every computer you own, but if you are only using one of them then you are only consuming a single license. Please be considerate of others and don’t leave it running unnecessarily. This could potentially prevent someone else from using it at that time. We will monitor the consumption rates and make informed decision if any adjustments are required.

    Q The free version I installed was installed as 'Vision'. How can I change this to be probe sensor?

    A This license is intentionally configured simultaneously for both CMM and Vision. If you are not interested in the Vision application, create a tactile probe and it will work as a typical bridge/tactile CMM, just offline.

    Q I download and installed this on my computer I don’t get an option to add the string in the LMS License Server. It just does the completes the installation without asking for any license information.

    A The most logical explanation for this is the installer has found an existing license on that computer and defaulted to it. If you already have a license and a version of the software that works for you, then this promotional license is unnecessary. If that license is expired, only permitting you to run an older version, you can still take advantage of this promotion to try out the newest version during this time. You would need to run the CLM application to return the existing/older license, and then re-install with the new promotional license. This procedure is non-trivial so you should only proceed with caution if you are experienced with it.

    Q I tried to install on one of my computers at home. It worked but the graphics windows freezes. Can I install on my other pc at home?

    A Yes, if you find that a particular computer is not performing as you would expect, you are free to try another computer. It is not even necessary to deal with the license from this unwanted installation. So long as you do not use it, no harm comes from leaving it installed. Of course you are free to uninstall the software at your own discretion.

    Q I have another coworker working with me. Can he also submit for the request as well?

    A Yes, there is no limit to how many people from a single organization can take advantage of this promotion.

    ps: If you are not seeing the images, but only the file names, make sure you are logged in. ALternatively, see the same content from Charles Audette below.
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