saving custom reports for older version of pc-dmis

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  • saving custom reports for older version of pc-dmis

    I created a custom report on PC-DMIS 2019 R1 and would like to run the program with 2018 R1 version. I saved the .prg file as 2018 version, and run the program, however i am getting an error that "custom report created with a PC-DMIS version later than this version". I know custom reports are stored in the .prg file and I think it should work when we save it as older version.

    Any comments on this?

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    Maybe just saving the custom report under a new name in 2018 and setting that as the default might work.
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      it is not possible to save it again in 2018 since I can not open the report in 2018. Is there a way to save it in this condition?


      • Mike Ruff
        Mike Ruff commented
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        Open the program in 2019. File> Save As. There is a dropdown where you can backsave to any previous version.

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      Using 2019 try saving the prg as a 2017R2 version.


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        already tried to save .prg as 2017r2 but it does not work.


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