PC DMIS 4.1 can't save changes to programs

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  • PC DMIS 4.1 can't save changes to programs

    I have an old CMM running DMIS 4.1. Due to some folks messing up things, the programs were locked so you cannot edit or change anything in them. I do not know how this was done, but can anybody help me un-do this. I need to make some changes, and this old software does not like changes!!

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    Right click on the file, go to Properties, under the General tab make sure "Read-Only" isn't selected. That's my first thought.
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      Just looked at that and that is what the original programmer did, made them read only...I will learn the easy way someday! Problem solved.


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        Three possibilities (I can think of)

        1) As A-machine-insp said the files could be set to read only.

        2) Is the software starting in Operator mode

        3) I'm not sure when protected mode first appeared, maybe around 4.1 (the password can be found in the registry)

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