Auto circle feature colors not the same

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  • Auto circle feature colors not the same

    I have been using PC-DMIS 2015 and find that when using auto circles the feature color is inconsistent. Typical when selecting a pattern of holes the first one is blue and the following revert to black. Is there any way of stopping this. I set the color to blue (or any other color for that matter) in Setup Options/ID setup and the same thing happens.

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    I have noticed this also in 2014.1, but in 2019R2 it works fine.


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      But on another note:
      I have found that in 2019R2, that sometimes the features are 'ghosting' in different coordinates than the 'original' feature resides.


      • Mike Ruff
        Mike Ruff commented
        Editing a comment
        In 2015.1, if I use Widths, I see this "ghosting" fairly often. The Graphics Display Window shows 2 widths, one where it should be and one in a random spot out in space. The Edit Window shows the correct values in the ACTLs, but it will calculate dimensions using the "ghosted" location. I have to F9 the Width, select and deselect a third feature (so nothing actually is changed, but it will force it to recalculate). Then it will ask if I "want to update nominals for related dimensions" (this question popping up is how you can tell it recalculated- it did not recalculate if this question doesn't appear). I click Yes and now there is only one Width in the Graphic Display Window and associated dimensions are now calculating correctly. Because this happens so often, I try to avoid widths and only use them to get needed bonus.

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