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  • Scan Segment Issues

    So I have this round part and the program we have uses several scan segments to create a circle. The problem is that sometimes the scan appears on the wrong side and the results are completely wrong. I don't know how to fix this, sometimes I've turned off/on the machine and that works sometimes, but right now nothing seems to work. Does anybody know what's wrong?
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    Is this a part/program with a long history? Or it's relatively new? Sometimes (hate to use the word 'sometimes'.....can be frustrating!) it helps to re-create the scan for starters...and possibly increase the scan density.


    The above is if you use an analog probe, but if your machine 'pecks' to scan you can adjust density.. i think its under the execution tab at the top -- min/max increments
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    • Hirxm
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      By "re-create the scan" do you mean running that piece of the program again? If so, I've already done thar, several times and it doesn't always work. And how do I increase the scan density?

    • sealevel
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      no...not re-RUNning it..... but changing the scan's parameters. either its density or its increments.

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    If you're generating the scan from a model, you may need to set the "Find Nominals" tolerance a bit lower


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