Disable Fastprobe mode from back end.

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  • Disable Fastprobe mode from back end.

    Is there a way to disable this so even if a program has this on it will not use it?

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    Possibly something in the settings editor ? I have turned it on / off in the same program but never a global setting.


    • neil.challinor
      neil.challinor commented
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      Set DisableFastProbe to TRUE

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    neil.challinor i'm not seeing this in the settings editor. what section is this under?


    • neil.challinor
      neil.challinor commented
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      It's controller specific. On my system it is under FDC. On a Leitz machine it would be in the Leitz section. Not sure what controller you have but there be a corresponding section that would contain the setting providing your controller supports it. Use the FIND option in the settings editor to search for DisableFastProbe. If it doesn't find it then your controller probably doesn't support that setting.
      You could remove the option from the menu to prevent it being selected in future but people could still type FASTPROBE into the edit window to insert the command and it would not affect routines already containing FASTPROBE commands. The only other thing I can think of would be to write a script that you could run to either remove all FASTPROBE commands form an open .prg or to set the toggle within all of the FASTPROBE commands to OFF.

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    Just wrote a quick script that sets all FASTPROBE commands to OFF. If you link this to a custom toolbar icon, you can click the icon to run it every time you open a new program.
    Dim DmisApp As Object
    Dim DmisPart As Object
    Dim DmisCommands As Object
    Dim DmisCommand As Object
    Dim aa As integer
    Sub Main
    Set DmisApp = CreateObject("PCDLRN.Application")
    Set DmisPart = DmisApp.ActivePartProgram
    Set DmisCommands = DmisPart.Commands
    CommandCount = DmisCommands.Count
    Set DmisCommand = DmisCommands.Item(CommandCount)
    DmisCommands.InsertionPointAfter DmisCommand
    For aa=1 To CommandCount
    Set DmisCommand = DmisCommands.Item(aa)
    If DmisCommand.item(aa).Type = 902 Then
    DmisCommands.InsertionPointAfter DmisCommand
    retval = DmisCommand.SetToggleString (1, ONOFF_TYPE, 0)
    End If
    Next aa
    End Sub
    Neil Challinor
    PC-DMIS Product Owner

    T: +44 870 446 2667 (Hexagon UK office)
    E: [email protected]


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      Curious as I use FASTPROBEMODE/ON all the time. Why turn it off completely?
      PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
      Global 7-10-7 DC800S


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      Kp61dude! I use Fastprobemode/ON all the time as well. Just this 1 machine "all of a sudden" doesn't like it anymore and i can't figure out why.

      neil.challinor I found the Setting i was just browsing on the offline seat in the settings editor and not on the actual machine. It's there and i disabled it for now. Thanks for your help!


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        Originally posted by Jakep379 View Post
        Kp61dude! I use Fastprobemode/ON all the time as well. Just this 1 machine "all of a sudden" doesn't like it anymore and i can't figure out why.
        Ah ok it's relating to a 'funky' machine throwing a tantrum. I thought I was missing something here!

        I am aware of the accuracy difference, that's why I toggle this setting on/off as needed depending on feature at hand. Leaving this off for all features adds noticeable and unnecessary time to cycles.
        PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
        Global 7-10-7 DC800S


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