Multi-language dialog box in 2020 R1 sp1?

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  • Multi-language dialog box in 2020 R1 sp1?

    Seems like the auto-feaures box is part English - part German in the version from the downloaded 2020 R1 sp1 installer from the Hexagon site. Guess will try the ftp site installer.....


    BTW, installing on my personal laptop, the Sp1 free OFFline release worked fine. On my company laptop, I could only install the 'legacy' 2020 release like others had mentioned.
    (both laptops use HASP and have most 2017-2019 releases installed)

    ***UPDATE*** Installed the FTP version and all is now OK
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    Thank you Sealevel. Are you saying that the SP1 downloaded from the FTP showed different results (dialog text) than the same SP1 from Hexagon the support page? I know this is going to sound a little extreme, but can you give me the links you used for each case please?

    Also, as far as the 2020 R1 original release (#214) vs the SP1 (#270), can you share the hasp license dump for each of those machines?

    PS: We are working on this issue, thank you
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      I had the same issue when I initially downloaded.

      I exited out of PC DMIS and then re-opened it and everything went back to English
      SF7107(PCD), SF454(PCD), 152614(Quindos), 9159(Quindos), 7107(Quindos), B&S Manual, M&M Gear Checker


      • Don Ruggieri
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        Thank you Dan_M. We are able to see this issue as well, but it is not "blatant". It is not related to where it was downloaded from. It is not specific to #214 vs #270, or vice-versa. It does seem to be easily replicated on a clean system. We are still working out the details, in order to define the solution.

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      Hi Don - here are the links I used:

      This one from Hexagon via my work email:

      Here is the one I downloaded from the Wilcox FTP site:

      Both laptops work now with the build 270 release. I had re-installed on my work laptop.
      If you mean the HASP module list? My HASP is already OFFline (for our Optiv 443 Performance vision machne)..... here it is:

      Key ID: xxxxxx
      Key Serial: xxxxxxxx
      Key Version No: 7
      PC-DMIS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      PC-DMIS 3.25 Enabled
      PC-DMIS CAD Output Translator
      PC-DMIS CAD++
      PC-DMIS DCC Scanning
      PC-DMIS Display CAD
      PC-DMIS DMIS Translator
      PC-DMIS Expire : 2019-10-31
      PC-DMIS GD&T Selection
      PC-DMIS IP Measure
      PC-DMIS Offline Interface
      PC-DMIS Sheet Metal
      PC-DMIS Stats Output
      PC-DMIS Tactile Probing
      PC-DMIS Vendor-Brown & Sharpe
      PC-DMIS Vision
      PC-DMIS Vision Type:SLC DCC

      from the 2020 R1 releases, I can't get anything from the Help/About.... I am guessing this is normal when using the Hex freebie Offline license?
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        Originally posted by sealevel View Post
        from the 2020 R1 releases, I can't get anything from the Help/About.... I am guessing this is normal when using the Hex freebie Offline license?
        If you mean the licensing information (from the Help/About dialog) that is unrelated to the CodeFromHome initiative, but we have also seen it in some instances of our own. I will find out more about it if I can and let you know. . .


        • sealevel
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          Not really needed for me. I thought maybe YOU needed the info. All is good at my end, and thx for your support Don.

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