PSA - PC-Dmis offline licence for free during Coronavirus

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  • PSA - PC-Dmis offline licence for free during Coronavirus

    As per the title,

    Nice move from Hexagon.
    Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology

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    Thanks for keeping the community informed NinjaBadger!


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      I just received the email today.

      Thank you NinjaBadger for the info.

      Thank you Hexagon for the Working smarter at home.


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        Wow. Good stuff.
        B&S One
        PC-DMIS CAD v2014

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          Anyone had any success with this?

          I tried install last night but when it starts up it's says 'no licence file found'.
          Automettech - Automated Metrology Technology


          • CodeWarrior
            CodeWarrior commented
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            I posted on another thread, try downloading the legacy version from February. it worked for me

          • NinjaBadger
            NinjaBadger commented
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            Not worked for me

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            They're offering a bunch of free classes also! I already enrolled in a few


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              A very positive thing from Hexagon. (surprisingly)
              Though I already have an OFFline license, if I read it correctly, I might be able to try out 2020 for a while. (Boss stopped our SMA last October out of frustration with our Vision problems with our Optiv)
              Again....nice gesture Hexagon.


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                I downloaded this and I have no probe files Please help.


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                  Originally posted by Perry View Post
                  I downloaded this and I have no probe files Please help.
                  Did you have an existing copy of PcDmis installed and/or did you install a different version? If you installed a different version hunt down your old probe files and copy them in your new version install. Or point your new install directory to your old probe directory.
                  PcDmis 2015.1 SP10 CAD++
                  Global 7-10-7 DC800S


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                    still waiting for my email...


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                      Originally posted by acgarcia View Post
                      still waiting for my email...
                      What e-mail? You do not need an e-mail invitation to take advantage of this. Check out the banner in this forum.

                      or... are you saying you completed the form and did not get a reply? There is nothing wrong with trying again, maybe the system was overwhelmed, not really sure.
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                        Well I got MY 'free' 2020 OFFline started. It took a few tries - and....the build working for me was Pcdmis2020_R1_15.1.214.0_x64
                        not Pcdmis2020_R1_15.1.270.0_x64. Am sure everyone's setup may vary in success
                        Up to now, I got it opened, and created a new program and was able to import CAD from another 2018 R2 program. So good.
                        Not sure why the 270 build wouldn't run (installed OK, but started license barking after that)
                        My 2018 R2 OFFline install is licensed via HASP, so that didn't affect anything.
                        Good luck all....and may:

                        2019-coronavirus.png.jpg;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==​become........ corona-beer-beach.png soon!

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