Lower Matrix Calibration -- bad results

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  • Lower Matrix Calibration -- bad results

    Hey everyone, hoping someone might know what's going on here.

    We had a decent crash today, first one since the machine was set up over three years ago. So decided it was time to do a lower matrix calibration.
    However I'm getting results that are nowhere near being within the "0.15" of each other. (see picture)

    I'm using a 5x20mm tip. I believe all my probe/motion parameters are as recommended.

    We have a 3/4" thick fixture plate mounted on the table. So the calibration sphere is that much higher off the surface of the stone. Could that be causing these values?


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    Hi dinoblaha,

    1. have you cleans up the sphere and tip? also cleans up the movement area.
    2. sphere and tip tight up nicely?
    3. for me, i will setup a new probe for lower matrix but not using probe inside the list. do a probe disable and enable again for weight balance.
    4. if the result remain the same, i feel you may need to contact service team to have a look on your HP-S-X1H.


    • dinoblaha
      dinoblaha commented
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      Hi Yeo Yee Shi, thanks for commenting.

      Yes, everything has been cleaned. Everything is tight.
      I tried doing as you suggested and set up a new probe to run the Lower Matrix Calibration, disabled and enabled... but still got the same results.

      I think you might be right to service look at the HP-S-X1H. There are some dings on it from the crash.

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    Possible bad X1H or wrist?
    Global Advantage 12-15-10 PH10MQ SP600M V4.2MR3 CAD++


    • dinoblaha
      dinoblaha commented
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      I think that could be the case.

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