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  • Part identification within a routine

    First let me apologize if this is a silly question. I'm very new to this.
    I'm building a routine to measure parts. It's my understanding that once I write the routine I can then use it to scan many versions of the same part. I can then output a report on any specific part.
    So how do I identify the part when running the routine.

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    When you say your going to scan many versions. What do you mean? Different parts or different variations of similar components?


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      Hi There,
      It's the same part. I have a small production run of ten "identical" parts all made with minor tweeks to the process. I want to scan and analyse all ten parts and then compare them to the model. Obviously I would like to write one routine and then run it on the scans of the ten parts. The key is to keep their identities seperate.
      As a result of this virus thing I'm working at home with the scanner back at the shop. I scanned 6 parts and saved the COP's in separate program files. At this point it's a pretty simple measurement routine. a handful of point deviations, a colormap and a 15 slice cross section.


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        I use an input comment to allow the operator/inspector to input the serial number or other identification for each individual part. Toggle the "display on report" box to have it show up in the report.
        PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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          Thanks Jeff, Works like a charm!


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