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  • Measuring programs / Alignments in PC-DMIS

    Hello PC-DMIS users,

    we are looking for a solution to turn a part about 180 degrees, within the same measuring program and continuing the measuring of elements. We are using the update version of PC-DMIS 2020 R1. We have made several tests, by using the different methods of Alignements, for example: to call alignment, to insert a new alignment, to recall alignment etc. Unfortunately, nothing works. Are there someone who can help us in this special case? Perhaps it is not possible with PC-DMIS Software. We would be pleased to receive an answer.

    With kind regards,

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    EQUATE ALIGNMENT is what you are looking for.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Depends on the part, you can also :
      • Measure the alignment in the first position (A1)
      • measure some features which are accessible in both positions, and create an alignment from them (A2)
      • write a file text with A1.origin, A1.xaxis, A1.yaxis and A1.zaxis (use the format function to write enough decimal places
      • turn the part
      • re-measure accessible features, create alignment A3
      • create generic features from text file, align on them (A4 sould be the same than A1)
      • continue...
      Maybe Matthew D. Hoedeman is a better solution, I don't use it !!!!!


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        Do the features need to correlate between the before and after the 180* rotation? just an example do you have FCFs that use ABC between both before and after with modifiers?

        If not a solution i used when i need to turn a part 180* upside down was to import 2 CAD models. First CAD was programmed as normal gathering every feature i could then dimension followed with a prompt to switch the part upside down. You would then re gather your datums ect.. dimension the 2nd half. You can turn the CADs on/off with viewsets as well.


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          Should the FCF work after equate alignment?? pc-dmis++ Cad 2016 here
          edit: I can measure the features after rotating the part by making new alignment from the features measured in the first position.
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            Are you 'rotating' the part on machine axis Z or other axis?
            You can try using F5, Part Machine and switch your axis accordingly.
            X = Xminus
            Y = Yminus
            Z = Zplus
            for example
            Then you don't have to change anything else in the program except probe articulations.
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              Hello PC-DMIS users,

              thanks a lot for your comments and proposals. We will try to implement all of them in our program. For a better understandig of our problem, we have attached two pictures, which shows the situation of the part to turn around. The x-axis should be turn around about 180° degrees, so that the bottom side becomes to the upper surface. After that, the measuring of elements should be continued. We hope the description helps to understand our problem.

              With kind regards,



              • Douglas
                Douglas commented
                Editing a comment
                I'd be looking for a way to fixture that to hit it all at once, small vees on the corners or something... guess that depends on your probing system though

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              Run the first program, then at the end put it into a "export" alignment, export "Both"
              Flip over, after an "import" alignment recal the previous program.

              Now you can dimension all features at once.


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                I'm with Douglas on this one. Find a way to fixture it and get it all in one shot. It would require you to use an angle probe but I'd rather do that over an equate alignment or two separate programs.
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