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  • Leveling mid plane

    I have basically 2 notches one on each end of the part. They are different widths but share the same centerline and the centerline is datum. I was going to make 4 planes,2 on the left and 2 on the right. Then construct a mid plane on the right and left. My question is then what? Construct a plane with the 2 mid planes then level? Can that even be done with only 2 planes since it is from the centroid of the planes? Or would I be better off constructing mid points from each notch end. Then construct one mid plane from all of the mid points? Or do both options do the same thing and I’m just overthinking this?

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    Create EXACTLY opposing points on both ends of the part, construct midpoints from those, and construct the midplane from the midpoints.


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      Thanks, that seemed to make the most sense to me also.

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