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  • Probe Options question

    So, we are dealing with issues on our NEW Chrome (calibration issues) and sent our calibration programs to a Hexagon service person.

    We were told well over a year ago that the probe options are determined by the controller when a service tech was here fixing one of our machines. We were also told that if you add the probe options in PC-Dmis program that is connected to the controller, it will automatically insert the correct options for that controller. This new person is saying our options are wrong and they are determined by our probe head (LSPX-1H) not the controller. Which is it? And why is the incorrect options being inserted if he is right?


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    Here :
    Then select
    Scanning Parameters - H006908 PRB Params.pdf
    and check the values in F10 and in the setting editor.

    You can also try to select "read parameters at start" (or something like this in the cmm setup interface.


    • tami_
      tami_ commented
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      Thank you. Looks like the first service tech was wrong but the new one is closer.

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    F10 settings are system wide and not program specific I believe ?


    • JEFMAN
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      not sure, if you don't select "default"...

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