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  • Small Alignment Problem

    So, this part is oddly shaped, Datum A is 4 target points, Datum B is the center of the Slot, and Datum C is the origin circle, Datum D is the plane where the Datum C circle is located. So I have a fixture for this thing, but not seeing how i can do a fixture alignment with created datums due to datum A being the four target points on the part itself. Was wondering what you guys thought on this, kinda stuck on this one BECAUSE i cant think of how i'd define A other then measuring A taking the part off measuring B,C,D then putting part back on and starting program. I showed 1 of the A target points theirs two on each side two on the left front to back, and two on the right front to back.
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    I did not fully understand the subject?
    It just makes sense to make plane [A] just "Level".
    I'm telling you again, I couldn't comprehend the issue, sorry.


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      Take your target hits on the fixture for -A-, the rest of your data will come from the part.

      Load fixture, measure, load part, continue to needed information.


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        There is NO such thing as a small alignment problem, They are either perfect or junk. No in-between...
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        Originally posted by Schlag View Post
        NO such thing as a small alignment problem, They are either perfect or bad. No in-between...
        lol, thanks schlag i needed some humor in my day today


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