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  • Move/all error

    So im trying to use the crazy move commando that changes angle while doing a movepoint, but whenever the head locks in the new angle the machine stops and ill get error.

    Isnt move/all supposed to work for all indexable/motorised heads? (I have tesastar-m)
    Or is it the probe thats making it struggle ? (Tp200)

    Ive tried experimenting with the movespeed, and increasing the movepoint distance but the problem seems to occur anyway

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    What error are you seeing? This will help us figure out what is going on. I use MOVE/ALL commands regularly with a tesastar-m and TP20. I doubt the TP200 is the problem, either. And just in case you don't know, here are some important things about the MOVE/ALL command:

    1. The move point coordinates within the MOVE/ALL command are set according to the new probe angle, NOT the old angle.
    2. The CMM will travel in a straight line while rotating- I'm talking about the whole CMM, not the tip. The CMM will take the shortest path.
    3. The head (at least the tesastar-m) will always rotate the same speed- it does not match the movespeed. Be aware that if you change the movespeed or change the speed on the jogbox, the path of the tip during the rotation will change.


    • pcdmisstudent
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      So if i do a command:
      "MOVE/ALL,<0,-50,150>,TIP=T1A-90B0,SHANKIJK=0.01,-1,0.003,ANGLE=-0.031" (from A0B0)

      It starts moving towards the point while changing angle, but when it locks in the new angle the machine stops and i get the error:
      "TR_MOV01, Movement Interupted ! Move all to X=0 Y=-50 Z=150"

      Ive contacted Hexagon Support regarding this, and he said its problably the head thats not compatible with the move-command. (Which i doubt, since in help file and on this forum ive read that mulitiple users have used it with the same head as I)
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    MOVE/ALL and experimentation. Nice!
    Keep some hardware spare stuff handy
    As Mike said, don't blame your TP200 probe. Ask your controller if it supports it.


    • pcdmisstudent
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      Well i havent experimented with it in any programs, only in a empty machine volume, so i dont see how it would crash.
      And sorry im not really hype about cmm hardware, but is the controller the joybox? And how do check if the controller supports it?
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    • sealevel
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      The controller & jogbox are two different animals. The controller is (depending on your CMM) a rather large box very near the granite slab that has some large 'tentacles' burying themselves into the CMM. That box tells the machine how to move and sends data to PC-DMIS so the Demon can make into everything something us humans can interpret (well, it's supposed to ) I would still find out from Hexagon if your CMM (controller) supports MOVE/ALL.
      This feature was 'grayed-out' for a while, and apparently it has resurfaced.

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    One of the things I learned that when you are using the MOVE/ALL command is to insert the corresponding probe angle into the program directly behind the MOVE/ALL command and it'll help keep the head on the quill LOL
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      FWIW, I also have a Tesastar-M and I don't have any issues with MOVEALL....but, I have Leitz LSPX probes.
      How long is your probe build? Is it possible that when the head re-engages, the probe is triggering? Does the jogbox "Beep" just before the error message?
      Sheffield Endeavor3 9.20.8, Tesastar-SM, Leitz LSP-X1s & LSP-X1M, PCDMIS 2011 MR1


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