"Move Point"__using Probe Mode_CTRL + M not working

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  • "Move Point"__using Probe Mode_CTRL + M not working


    Sorry I goofed up, I took an accidental point & didn't realize that it was being registered by the software. I didn't hit "END" on my keyboard for the software to take it. Once I hit "END" to take the point and then deleted it, probe mode functioned like normal.

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    PC DMIS 2019 R2 SP2...

    I hit CTRL + F4 to engage Probe Mode. It works. While engaged, I drag my probe where I want in my Graphic Display Window. That works.

    I then hit "CTRL + M" to put my move/point (as I have done thousands of times) and it won't put the code in my Edit Window. The only way i can make movepoints is by typing them in. =/ Does anyone know why this is happening?
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